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Exploitation For Zn Pb Deposits

  • The Worldclass Jinding Znpb Deposit Ore Formation In An

    Jul 02, 2016 The Jinding ZnPb sediment-hosted deposit in western Yunnan, China, is the fourth largest Zn deposit in Asia 200 Mt of ore containing 6.1 Zn and 1.3 Pb Leach et al. 2005 Xue et al. 2007.The ores are hosted mainly in sandstone and complex breccia within in an Early CretaceousPaleocene sediment sequence of the Lanping Basin.

  • Pbzn Sedex Deposits And Their Copper Stockwork

    of a gossan on a hill top. Exploitation began in 1913, followed by a copper rush in the region. Since 1961, many exploration programs have been carried out for base metals and in 1970, the number 70 ore body Pb-Zn was discovered at Matahambre. Currently, copper exploitation continues, and in the Castellanos deposit, a

  • Zn Partially Processed Ore

    Zn isotope compositions of all samples except those from the three profiles are presented in Table 4. The average 66 Zn value of the bed-rocks is 0.44 0.02, which is identical to mine tailings 0.42 0.02. Zn-ores have an average 66 Zn value of 0.23 0.03, which is

  • Ore Deposit Types And Their Primary

    Cu-Zn-Pb-Bi-Co-Ni-As Ag-Au S Banded iron formations generally precursor ores Hamersley Range, Middleback Ranges. Fe-Mg-Al-Ca-Mn-P Ti Si-O-S Marine-sedimentary Sedimentary manganese deposits Groote Eylandt. Mn-Fe Ca-Al-Zn-Li-Ba O-Si-CO2 Bauxite deposits Gove, Weipa, Jarrahdale, Mitchell Plateau. Al-Fe Ti-Nb-Ga-Mn-Zn-Zr O Lateritic ...